Gustavo Solar

Gustavo Solar is an artist of formation, however he has inclined to subvert this frame of reference identity, creating the conditions to explore other “figures” through the practice of performance and its different amplifications: shamanism and eroticism, libertarian unfolding, deconstructions of the symbolic performance, estrangements of the somatic economy, among other concerns; “My work command is made mainly in connection with marginal technologies and ephemeral models, polysemic narrative clusters, “utopian” geographies that watch over the ecology of knowledge that yields performance practice as a “zero reference” point for the uprising of ” the possible “and its politicity.”

Solar Gustavo performs performance around environments that distort the surfaces of the urban, introjecting the idea of ​​a social erotica, a set of climax and handmade mythologies produced within and in conjunction with existing materials, moving in this way as if surfing hacking a type of economy and efficiencies.