Let the Cat out of the Bag



Once again, the stage in the pad is open to all performers and those who want to be. The spectators buy the “cat in a bag” with their ticket: geniuses and trash, enthusiasm and horror … everything is possible, when performances change in the fast-cycle. The audience may discover another artist genius.

As an up-coming show in the foyer of the supporting program, the slide show “Matrix” by Julia Einsiedel and Guido Blume, which quotes and recreates the imagery of matrix films full of experimenting friends. In contrast to the digital and fully thought-out spectacle of the original. This slideshow is produced analogously using the simplest meanings.
Beyond tiring vacation picture series chases here a rapid series of photographic sights on the canvas. The game with the science-fiction world is ironic, irritating and leads to an unexpected ending.

After the surprise program in the “final” Schmitt & Schulz leave again the “cat out of the bag” as a suprise for the audience. What happens here can not and should not be revealed.

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