Romeos Julia





… the biggest and one of the most corny love story of all times in the performance art depot? The choreographer Carlos Matos is not going to tell you the well-known story of William Shakespeare with his extraordinary dance project again. Instead, he explores the myth of romantic “love at first sight” in terms of the question of the objectivity of personal perception. Does what we see in the other person correspond to reality? Do we love each other the way he is or not the way we are? The former ballet director of the Stadttheater Hildesheim sets in his very intimate and concentrated piece the focus on multimedia in dance and on the combination of text and body language. In the interaction between dance and video, the exciting change between imaginary and real life images gives viewers different perspectives by looking through the eyes of someone else. Independent of the chronology of the literary act, the individual sequences in the course of the dance piece together an overall picture of the famous relationship tragedy.

In addition to the highly professional, original, smart and at the same time charming choreographies, the staging convinces through a congenial combination of aesthetically sophisticated film projections with dance action, giving the piece strong perspectives, great dynamics of image and movement and thus a rapid pace.