Deadly Fact!


Dokumentarisches Theater



18 mini-dramas on the basis of true criminal cases: In the field of tension of the sobriety of criminal facts from police files and the condensed language of the crime poems of Gisela Winterling brings the director Uli Wirtz-von Mengden with deadly facts true cases on stage.
Mercilessly authentic and often bizarrely distorted are the 18 short scenes, each lasting no more than a few minutes, yet containing a whole world. Again and again, the two Mainz actors Ari Klüpfel and Patrick Twinem dialogue with each other to combine memoranda and poetry into a very unique form of presentation that astonishes the viewer with shocking encounters and bizarre deaths.
One of them shoots himself in the head during his granddaughter’s wedding. A consumptive couple kills to shop in peace and a 120-kilo man choking on a piece of meat.
Death has many faces. The police protocol describes in an absurd way the situation of discovering the corpses and meticulously records the questioning of the witnesses. ‘Cases’ are worked off – a man and his destiny, pressed in between two files. The poems, on the other hand, pick up particles from these individual destinies and provide – from an unusually subjective perspective – insights into the psychic life and the life situation of the actors.

Another type of searching for clues that do not seek the truth, but is looking for the people behind the facts from 18 acts.
All texts, including the police notes, are based on true events that have been literarily edited, anonymised and alienated. Not suitable for people under 16 years.

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