What is the colour of your aura, what can be read out of it?
Do you believe in your inner forces?
Welcome to the colourful world of the supernatural!
Pretending to read auras and offering a pseudo-therapy, the Spanish performance duo Abast Elàstic is leading the audience through a ludicrous esotericism course. They developed a piece which breaks through the fourth wall by the means of dance, text, visuals and music in which the audience becomes part of the performance and volunteers are able to explore their esoteric side. The two friendly seminar hosts in handyman suits offer everyone a chance to explore their own borders of spiritual reception and belief as well as ironically demonstrating the dangers of the naive trust in mystic practices.
A participatory, multidisciplinary, playful, funny and colourful ritual covering the range from blind faith to scepticism, from adult cynicism to childlike fascination.

(in english language)

Artist talk at 10:15 pm

Concept and performance: Carles Casallachs, Marina Colomina
Dramaturgy: Macarena Recuerda
Set and Costume design: Abast Elàstic
Video design: Carme Gomila, Abast Elàstic
Sound design: Carles Tardio, Abast Elàstic
Technique: Isma de los Mozos
Production: Antic Teatre, FiraTarrega

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