Acts of Politeness

Cat eats bird? Wrong!

In this choreographic and pictorial performance, which works completely without language, cat and bird are sitting on the couch together, drinking tea.

With the aid of animal masks that look impressively real, the two performers Sonia Franken (Germany/England) and Gonzalo Barahona (Chile) transform into fascinating and surreal composite beings with animal heads and human bodies. By that they show what happens when animals use human etiquette.

In an extraordinary combination of meticulously choreographed, gesturally strongly narrowed and concentrated stage action, skilful mimicry and shockingly real masque, El Cuco Projekt present with Acts of Politeness a morph of trivial everyday situations and absurd scenes from classical cartoons, fuelled by the potential danger of irrepressible nature.

The choreography residing from instinctive animal movements in polite reservation connects survival instinct and sophistication in an absurd way. In a bizarre arrangement, a surreal and mythical seeming atmosphere unfolds.

Choreography, Performance and costume: Sonia Franken & Gonzalo Barahona
Composition: Javier Barahona Uribe
Light Design: Garlef Keßler

Artistic advice and thanks to: Carla Jordao, Barbara Fuchs, Neville Tranter, Jacqueline Gräf, Marcelo Omine, Benedetta Reuter

Produced by Gonzalo Barahona and Sonia Franken. Coproduced by Barnes Crossing and funded by Kunststiftung NRW.

  • Thu, 27th April + Fr, 28th April 8 pm

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