A hangout performance party by and with “Dramazone”

A rushing masked ball. Heated atmosphere. In the dark, strangers meet, pretentious under the protection of the masks. We might know each other.
Dramazone invites you to play with fire on all levels. The central element of the mask party is the projection of a Google Hangout, in which the performers become part of the live event, but only in virtual space via video transmission. With the secure anonymity of the Internet, they engage in games that explore the limits of sexiness and eroticism.
Is it easier to tell your erotic fantasies to a complete stranger?

Does anyone find it sexy, when I lick my lips?
To give the performance party the right frivolous atmosphere, the entire pad turns into a “sex party” atmosphere. Visitors can move freely in all rooms of the pad. Masks are available at the box office, but can of course also be brought along.