Dedicated to my dead father- an autobiographical live feature

English Translation coming soon


In the new year the pad starts its program with a special double feature by the Berlin theater duo Marie Rodewald and Holger Foest, who will perform the pad stage on the first weekend of February with two extraordinary performances:

1. Berlin hero monologue a doku-pop-piece
2. To my dead father an autobiographical live feature
Our tip: Take advantage of our double-feature all-in price offer and look for 15, – € (concessions 10, – €) both performances in a double pack

In February 2011, actor Holger Foest’s father was killed in a skiing accident. RodewaldFoest’s production takes this tragic loss as an opportunity to artistically grapple with death and grief, creating a silent, respectful and content-laden and intense performance about the finite nature of life.
Via headphones, viewers follow the protagonist’s thoughts, experience the intimate introspection of a mourning person, share childhood memories, dreams, special moments and moods. In conjunction with the text recorded via headphones, the performers Holger Foest and Lothar Krüger create associative images that get under their skin with their physical presence and silent performative action.
Marie Rodewald (director) and Holger Foest break in “To My Dead Father” with the distance between viewer and performer and instead create a situation of pleasant intimacy. Without feeling voyeuristic, the viewer can step into the emotional world of the mourning protagonist and possibly learn something about his own attitude toward death and life.