The album ANA MA ANA was created in the course of the last one and a half years.

Musician and producer Alexander VVeber is working as an integration coach and teacher for German language since the beginning of 2016. Through his job he was in constant contact with people from Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Somalia and Eritrea.

Inspired by the cultural and personal exchange he started composing the music for ANA MA ANA.

Even if talking is not possible because of the barrier of language music is a way to communicate. It can be a way to transmit culture, emotion and a feeling of home.

ANA MA ANA translates from Arabic into English as „I am not myself“.

The strangeness, also from the own self, is reflected n the music.

Electronic compositions are mixed with traditional music. The traditional parts, however, are extremely alienated through effects and sound manipulation. Recorded fragments of poems illustrate the search for identity in a new reality.

The music will be emphasized through a visual installation by Max Seifert, Bastian Hansl and Hans Rutrecht.

The night will be opened with an unplugged concert by saz-player Aram Atti from Syria and closed with an experimental DJ-Set by VVeber.

The date for the release was chosen on purpose. The „Tag der Deutschen Einheit“ should gain an additional meaning in 2017. Unity between long-established and new people in this country.

The entrance is free. Your donation at the exit will go partly to pad-Mainz and Sea-Watch.

Sea Watch is an organization that rescues people who got into distress at sea in the Mediterranean.