Après la Chronique

The performance group from Barcelona, La [SIC], which thrilled the festival audience in 2016 with the world premiere of Martyre, presents with its new production Après la Chronique a performance, which examines the connection between solitude and social technologies: We are connected, but alone, alive in dead, virtual spaces. In a world, where there is no space for stories. What happens, if we don’t tell each other stories anymore? Is there something “After the Chronicle”? Or do only silence and loneliness result from it?

Whoever saw the foretaste at the tenth anniversary of the pad in November 2017, will be enthusiastic about the complete version:

La [SIC] carries off the audience into a self-generated non-place where human relations are simply negated or only exist medially. The initial situation is mundane: The two performers, stylized as twin-figures, are sitting at a table and eat. This scenario changes gradually into an absurd, surreal charade, in which both performers are threatened to sink into their own worlds. Through meticulous precision in the staging and extremely decelerated movements by the performers a sinister atmosphere of isolation unfolds, which, through its reduction and concentration, reminds the viewer of nightmare-like scenes from movies by David Lynch and of the lucid, nearly sterile aesthetic of earlier works by famous theatre director Robert Wilson.

Comment of the festival team:
Aesthetically staggering, goosebumps, between nightmare and grotesque humor.

CreationNicolas Hermansen (along with the performers)
Stage performersFerran Echegaray, Jordi Font
Sound performerNicolas Hermansen
Stage technicianMario Andres Gomez

Created with the support of Fabra i Coats, Fàbrica de Creació

Saturday 28th + Monday 30th April, 8 pm

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9:30 pm: artist talk with La [SIC]