Aragosta (Lobster)

unnamed 2Inspired by the lobster dresses designed and created by Elsa Schiaparelli and Salvador Dalí in the 1930s, Moreno Solinas and the three dancers of the company ASMED-Balletto di Sardegna staged this charming fashion show without fashion which negotiates the borders of individual and social identity.
In a catwalk marathon the three young women drum rhythmically on their naked bodies and let them become projection surfaces for unconscious wishes and sexual ambitions. They thus present fictional fashion creations which only exist in the minds of the audience. The performers turn the imaginary catwalk into a timeless space in which the pure naked body is rebelling against the narrow borders that are imposed on them by social expectations and the dictates of fashion.

Artist talk at 10:00 pm

Artistic director: Massimiliano Leoni
Choreography: Moreno Solinas
Dancers: Francesca Assiero Brà, Rachele Montis, Sara Pischedda
Administration: Elisabetta Corona
Organization: Karim Galici
Production: ASMED

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