Asli Bostanci (Turkey) “Panic in the ZOO”



Istanbul-based dancer Asli Bostanci embodies a torn personality in her performance: a young woman trapped between her inner voices and a reality she is not familiar with. Bostanci’s childlike and cruel actions are the result of emotional disturbance and are sometimes helpless, sometimes relish-fed with the slightest shifts in everyday routines. Between horror film and Death Metal fragments, Bostanci creates monstrous inner spaces – a morbid fairytale world populated by bloodthirsty animals, talking plants and a dancing giant-headed teddy bear (typified by the dancer Umut Surel), the second main character in this cruel-beautiful spectacle.
With “Panic in the ZOO” Bostanci makes an interdisciplinary pull-together by combining elements of puppet theater, contemporary dance and physical theater with video projections and live band music in a multifunctional stage. The perfromance creates a vortex of emotions that makes you laugh, embarrassed, touched, shocked, that is incredibly cute and scary at the same time, crazy, ugly and sometimes even brutal, yet incredibly beautiful! If you want to know how it works, you should not miss this grand finale of the festival!