performative short movie by and with Anthi Kougia und Mafalda Miranda Jacinto

A table is set up in the middle of the room. Only two seats are occupied, but it is against the rules and regulations of a formal dinner to eat the meal before everyone has arrived.

However, no one arrives. The table turns from a space of togetherness and sharing a space of solitude, into a waiting room.

As if sitting at a table for the first time, the performers explore, question, abuse and transform the objects and foods that are so familiar to us.

The images and situations that emerge become more absurd by the minute.

At the mercy of a destructive force of change, the table becomes a border between this side and the other, a tableau for the unspeakable, for secret desires, longings, and expectations.

Anthy Kougia and Mafalda Miranda Jacinto have already shown several performances in the former performance art depot. In 2019 they performed in a Schmitt&Schulz – production virtual personalities, produced and shown in pad  PAsparagus they showed as the original stage version at the International Performance Festival in 2017. During the pandemic they produced an outdoor version of Asparagus as a performance film, that we will now show in the online programme of our Festival.

Film ssee below!


ASPARAGUS – the film – OUT OF SPACE – online programme