“Be an actor”



Performance-Workshop with Schmitt&Schulz

After the summer break, we start our program with a talent search.
Are you a performer? Try it!
In a compressed four-hour workshop, we test your stage talent.
We give a small group of maximum 10 participants an insight into the practice of performing and train in a playful atmosphere improvisational skills, stage presence, the handling of props and scenic creativity.
Everyone who wants to try out what it’s like to be in the limelight can take part.

As we hope to discover new talents and potential actors for our staging in November, we offer this workshop for once without participation fee!

A binding registration is still required.
Sign up at: Tel. 06131 – 8869432, E-Mail: reservierung@pad-mainz.de
Attention! The workshop is already booked. Interested parties for workshops by Schmitt & Schulz can still contact reservierung@pad-mainz.de and be registered in a workshop distributor and will be informed well in advance of the next workshop.