an interactive one to one performance

by Jana Kreisl

Rituals are important for processing things that happen to you in life. With the disappearance of churches as a standard established place for such rituals, a void is created. The Beicht-O-Mat by Jana Kreisl is meant to fill one of these voids.

There are those things in life that you don’t want to tell anyone, even your best friends. A situation in which you may not have acted according to your own values? Who still gives you absolution for that today? The confessional becomes a place where stories can simply be filed away. It is not about self-knowledge. The confessors don’t have to do anything else. It is about the telling itself. Nothing needs to be learned from the story here. Anyone can come in and tell his/her story.

Separated by a slightly transparent cloth wall, the artist also sits in the Confession-O-Mat and simultaneously draws a picture to the story. By drawing the “sin” it is forgiven. The drawer does not give advice and does not judge. Only questions of understanding are asked. The drawn picture then comes out through a small opening at the front. The person confessing gets the picture and can take it with him/her.

It is a confessional without a church, a confessional for all.

03.09. | 13-19:30 h | 04.09. | 12-16 h | in front of Walpodenakademie| Neubrunnenstra├če 8A |