A hero’s monolog



For the new year the pad starts its program with a special double feature by the Berlin theater duo Marie Rodewald and Holger Foest, who will perform the pad stage on the first weekend of February with two extraordinary performances:

1. Berlin hero monologue a doku-pop-piece
2. To my dead father an autobiographical live feature
Our tip: Take advantage of our double-feature all-in price offer and look for 15, – € (concessions 10, – €) both performances in a double pack.

As in a stage comic, the actor Holger Foest chases RodewaldFoest’s production as Superman through a mental-physical exhaustion tripping based on real events and personal experiences from his time as a civilian at Malteser’s home emergency call service: he drives ten months at night to people with disabilities, to the physically and mentally ill or elderly single people. The events are increasingly influencing Holger. He escapes into the Berlin night life, becomes a savior, self-proclaimed Superman. The encounter with a dying woman, the orange girl, completely upsets Holger’s Superman world.
Directed by Marie Rodewald, Holger Foest and his performance partner, the expressive 72-year-old Lothar Krüger, take the viewer on an impressive rollercoaster ride through the hectic emotional and experiential world of an everyday hero.
Videotrailer: http://www.rodewaldfoest.com/