Blinking shoes in a dark room, funky music and a dancing hoodie creature with a hairy face: that’s “Calipers” , a solo dance performance by the Israeli dancer and choreographer Daphna Horenczyk. Influenced by elements of street- and breakdance she plays with the concept of “fixation” of separate body parts on the ground and the possibilities of moving around and over this anchor. The limb moored to centre stage functions as a point of quasi-magnetic push and pull, with the dancer’s body circling around it skillfully in precise, rhythmical and ever new forms and paths. By filming the choreography live and projecting it to a screen behind the dancer, mainly ground based moves are being shifted to another vertical perspective, reflected and doubled: In “Calipers” Daphna Horenczyk creates a live body kaleidoscope right in front of us that just rocks!

pad-team comment:

Best choice of music ever!
A small, passionate, grooving dance gem!

Choreography and performance: Daphna Horenczyk
Light: Amir Castro

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