The end! The last performance before the Apocalypse Stage Show No.5


DAS ENDE bearb klein

Topics: “What does it look like when the world ends? Part II” “The danger from outer space!” “Is there a plot?”

Guest Artist:
Dr. Treznok (Mainz): “Dr. Treznok Explains the New World” – “Maybe the world will go under on December 21, 2012. But maybe something completely different will happen …” The Mainz poet and performance artist dr. Treznok presents “alternatives” to the end of the world.

August Priebe (Mainz): “Zombie Apocalypse by Brain Parasites”

Konny Pielmeier (Mainz): World doomsday forum


Observatory Bad Kreuznach: Danger from space
Two amateur astronomers from Bad Kreuznach, Dr. med. Frank Gottschald and Andreas
Roth, have investigated whether our end on 20.12.2012 from space
comes. In a multimedia show they report on asteroid impacts, bloated suns, star explosions
and energy bolts that could hit us. Following the stage show: discussion in the
Foyer. What do astronomers do on the day of their demise?

Digital StillCamera

The Mayan Calendar ends on 21.12.2012. For some, this means the end of our world. But does this date have any meaning at all? Why should one believe such a thing? And how could the end of our world look like?

From 23.11. until 20.12.2012, the pad presents a series of interactive stage shows in which the artist duo Schmitt & Schulz put other aspects of the doomsday theme to the test:
Doomsday scenarios and conspiracy theories in comparison. The business of the end of the world. The psychological effect of prophecies. The proximity of respectability and charlatanry. The phenomenon mass hysteria on the Internet. The fun of the disaster. Apocalypse scenarios in film and literature, and much more.
From submitted viewer contributions, surveys, interviews and various other material sources, the two performers create seven documentary as well as entertaining performance evenings. In the style of bad TV documentaries, they present their viewers with a mix of stage workshop, survival training and documentary performance and also invite invited guest artists to perform their ideas on the theme of the end of the world on the stage of the pad.

In addition to this series of events, the performance art depot will provide a safe place for the threatened demise of the world around the clock (yes, even at night!) From the 20th to the 22nd of December 2012 and will present a varied program of survival and protection to guests seeking protection. Workshops, matching film contributions and small guest appearances by performers, writers, musicians and other artists.

The end informs, documents, entertains, trains, rescues and heals!

The end is suitable for: fanatics, skeptics, scaredy-eyed, pragmatists, realists, healers and hobby-prophets.

The end can cause overdose panic attacks, laughing or a lot of crying but also a spontaneous enlightenment.

The end is the perfect preparation for the upcoming or any future doomsday!
Doomsday interactive!
Design the end of the world together with us and send us your contribution by email (, by post or bring it to us.