The pad turns 4



The pad turns 4!!!

…with special guest Mamoru Iriguchi (London based performance artist)

Celebrate with us our four-year anniversary in the cozy foyer lounge of the pad, book and visit the London performance artist Mamoru Iriguchi and treat yourself to our late-night performance improvisation session.

Mamoru Iriguchi:
As a special guest, we are pleased to welcome the multimedia organizer Mamoru Iriguchi from London, already known from our annual International Performance Festival ( From 5 pm-8pm he will offer the visitors two of his cheeky one to one performances *:
5- 6 pm  (adjoining room)
“This Headlight Is The Only Hope In The Dark”
Join Mamoru for 5 minutes in his small intimate adventure in the dark.


7- 8 pm (Nebenraum)
„Bang Bang“(interactive multimedia video shooting game)
Book Mamoru for 5 minutes and shoot him with your love balls.


Price per person, per performance: 2, – € (duration 5 min each)

* one to one performance: short performance of a solo performer for a single viewer

Performance improvisational session
9pm til midnight  (big stage, main hall)
Even at this year’s Mainz Museum Night, this extraordinary format by Schmitt & Schulz was very popular with the audience.
Several artists from the pad circle play the big stage with crazy, exciting, comical, touching or cruel-beautiful performance improvisations, which run according to certain rules but always fresh and spontaneously arise in front of the audience. Nothing is rehearsed, everything can happen. Everyone can watch as long as one wants.