Death 24 frames per second or do it to me like in a real movie


agata siniarskaFront

“This solo is dramatic but good looking / this solo is standing, sitting there with a wild open mouth / this solo wants to be taken in any position / this solo is waiting / this solo says, I’m sorry”

Introduction, cinematic light, an actress in a polka dot costume with red painted lips.
As a live version of a tragic and at the same time involuntarily comical protagonist of an old black-and-white erotic thriller, choreographer and dancer Agata Siniarska stages tragic, thrilling and erotic snapshots of a film in extreme slow motion. In her irritatingly reduced and cheeky performance, which works without any language and almost no movement, the polish artist brings out vocal, mimic and gestural nuances that otherwise remain hidden. At the moment of apparent standstill, meanings emerge that are beyond any film plot.