Dead Poets Society




5 pm Reading:

Angelika Wende, former ZDF announcer, author and spokeswoman, brings the novel “Dead Poets Society” by Nancy H. Kleinbaum to listen.

Autumn 1959: The new school year begins in the traditional Welton Academy on the American East Coast. The boarding school is known for its elitist training based on the values of “tradition, honor and discipline”. The new English professor John Keating brings new wind into the dusty boarding school life. He encourages his students to express their own opinions and to fight for their dreams.
One of the boys takes courage and begins a rebellion against his father – with fatal consequences …

6 pm: Dinner at Ha Noi Restaurant

7pm movie screening
We are showing the film for literature review by director Peter Weir with Robin Williams and Ethan Hawke in the lead roles on a big screen.
Length: 128 minutes