Death in Venice by Thomas Mann


5 pm – reading : Angelika Wende, former ZDF announcer, author and speaker, reads from the novel “Death in Venice” by Thomas Mann:
The composer Gustav von Aschenbach spends his holidays in Venice. There he meets the boy Tadzio, a child of enigmatic beauty, whom he soon completely forfeits. He watches and persecutes Tadzio, but there is never a conversation between them. The composer breaks into this love.
Mann created with his protagonist Gustav von Aschenbach a hero of weakness, on the verge of exhaustion, whose seemingly mastered life is degraded by the devastating onset of passion, degraded by the Dionysian Eros and ultimately plunged into the absurd.
“Death in Venice” is a masterpiece of literature in which the conflict between the mind and the instinct of man stands.

6 pm: Dinner at the restaurant Ha Noi

7pm – film:
The 1971 adaptation of Luchino Visconti is one of the best-known Thomas Mann adaptations. For Dirk Bogarde, the role of Gustav von Aschenbach was the culmination of his artistic career (length: 130 minutes).
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