Did U Hear



Inspired by the poem “The rose that grew from concrete” by the American rapper 2PAC, the Korean artist Howool Baek developed her choreography “Did U Hear”.
The poem is about a rose that grows out of concrete and struggles to live its own life against all laws and expectations.
A pathetic, cheesy floral dance performance? Not even close!
With her face hidden, her back to the audience, the choreographer dispenses with the use of any facial expressions and concentrates on individual body parts in her minimalist movements. Hands, feet, arms and legs seem detached and develop an expressive life of their own to the subtle to brutal, rhythmic-hypnotic sound compositions. The human body as a whole gradually falls into oblivion and reappears in a variety of forms: sometimes it becomes abstract lump, sometimes a geometric object, sometimes a three-dimensional pattern – the range of forms seems almost endless. Over and over again, the solo dancer transforms her body in front of our eyes into unexpected, never-before-seen structures through comparatively slight changes of movement.
A virtuoso body deconstruction game that captivates the viewer.
Last but not least admirable and fascinating how the native Korean creates such great pictures with seemingly very minimal action. You will remember this body!