Hide the sadness behind an emoticon … the word is dissolving … is that sexy?
A performance about the emotions behind the seemingly cool chat language of the cyberspace generation.

Whereas the levels of the virtual and the real overlap, we come to areas where we can find the abysses of man. Here, language and emotional values intersect, hidden behind the diguise of “non-reality”. They interweave on the Web to new forms. AKR plays this game and simplifies the language, making it universal.
A study of identities, relationships, and profiles in the Internet age, where a smiley may be more interesting than a loud, powerful, real laugh.
With many associative images and in the usual powerful sound form AKR bring the charm and the sex appeal of contemporary Internet language to the pad stage.
AKRs deal with the interfaces of imagination and the reality of human experience. Her performances are audiovisual events composed of elements of cinema, actor and music.
By and by: Maria Laura de Bardi and Pasquale Passaretti.
Director: Domenico Catano, Light: Jo Fish, Sound: Domenico Catano and Akoros.
Production AKRcollettivo 2013 in collaboration with TeatroForte Forte Prenestino and performance art depot.