Famous&Divine (GB) “Fugitive Songs”



Did you ever fall in love with a song? Have you ever been obsessed with a piece of music, so much so that the body craves inexplicably and insatiable for that tune, then you’ll love “Fugitive Songs” by Famous & Divine.
The two performers Amanda Price and Mary Steadman from Great Britain visited the pad in 2009 as part of the British Performance Festival and impressed the audience with their gifted and expressive acting. Cross-gender performance, autobiographical and female sexual fantasies are the themes of her artistic work. Focusing on the body as a place of transformation. Famous & Divine question the extent to which, despite knowledge of the construction of gender roles, a female point of view is still possible.
Fugitive Songs, the current performance of the artist duo, is about fantasies that distract you from the path and lead you straight into a pile of trouble. It’s about late night bars, motel rooms, men with guns and women that chew gum – and the songs that lead them there. Price and Steadman follow this “call,” drink gin, smoke like vicious girls, and find another life waiting for them, daring and unsubstantial, but persistent. They play all their fantasies. It gets you in trouble.