Festival opening

Bildergebnis für nikola schellmannNikola Schellmann M.A. is a research associate at the department of cultural anthropology, film and drama/theatre studies of the JGU Mainz. Her main field of research is that of contemporary theatre with a special focus on the intersections of installation and performance art as well as theatre festivals.
Who could ever be more suitable and competent for us?

Bildergebnis für marianne grosseMarianne Grosse has been the head of the Mainz city culture department since 2010. In her work for the cultural scene of Mainz she is also a loyal supporter of pad with an ever open ear for our questions and problems.
We are very happy to welcome her again as a special guest opening our festival!

We are looking forward to a festive, felicitous opening night with Mrs. Grosse, Mrs. Schellmann – and you?