Frischlinge – neue Talente im pad präsentieren ihre Performances

“Anything Else?” and “x Schritte”

In the weekend of October 19th to 21st 2018 the pad presents its ‘offspring.’ Four young artists, who have been using the pad as production site for the last year, now present two performances on one stage in a twin-pack on three evenings.


Gizem Gürer is a theatre student from Ankara, who completed a one-year ERASMUS-internship at the pad; in her humorous solo-performance Anything Else?, she brings a character with an unshakable self-confidence on stage: a performer who for lack of performance opportunities converts her body into a “theatre-machine” without further ado.


While Gürer’s character desperately tries to win the audience over, an absurd and at the same time extremely entertaining monologue unfolds.



In their media performance x Schritte, Laura-Marie Preßmar, Davida Brown and Michelle Koprow, who study theatre in Mainz, pick out the differences and effects of film and theatre as a main theme, as well as experimenting with them and putting them up against each other. For this, they use the phenomenon of time as a common denominator between the two. Which options to conceptualize time are exclusive to film, which to theatre? How can you transfer the absolute presence, based on the corporeality of the performers, to film?

Davida Brown and Michelle Koprow take to the stage as nameless twin-figures. At times together, at times against each other, they create various rooms and atmospheres, leaving the freedom for their own associations and thoughts to the audience.


Duration including a break 1,5 hours.

  • FRI | 19. Oktober, SAT | 20. Oktober & SUN | 21. Oktober | 7 pm


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