Good Bye Epoch!

The choreographer Sonia Franken and visual artist Gonzalo Barahona are already visiting our international performance festival for the third time. As german-chilean performancegroup El Cuco Projekt they already examined the ambivalent relationship between mankind and nature in their performances Acts of Politness (2017) and My Reputation is your guarantee (2018). Now, in their third and last performance of their trilogy, Good bye Epoch!, they are marking the shutdown of the last german coal mine to bid farewell to the whole era: With their trademarks, their impressive, hyperrealistic bird-and catmasks, which transform both performers into surreal hybrids of human and animal, they play an abstract and at the same time preposterous scene. At times playfully dancing, at other times beastly stalking, they have a closer look at the assumed remains of our civilization and in the meantime illustrate through some smart lectures to the spectator what remains, if the era of fossil fuels comes to an end.

El Cuco Projekt celebrates an oppressive and at the same time amusing farewell-party, in which they ceremonially sum up the Status quo of the destruction of our environment.

Idea, Choreography, Performance, Masks, Setting:

Sonia Franken & Gonzalo Barahona
Dramaturgy / Outside Eye: Carla Jordão
Valerij Lisac
Light design:

Garlef Keßler
Kostumes: Lena Thelen
Press: Sabina Stücker / Caroline Skibinski
Production: Sonia Franken & Gonzalo Barahona
Coproduction: Barnes Crossing e.V.

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artist talk with El Cuco Projekt