Save me a seat until I return a different person


Ort: Hebbel am Ufer, hau2 TWO FISH _ FORMELWESEN Premiere: 4.3.2011 Titel: HALT MIR MEINEN PLATZ FREI, BIS ICH ANDERS WIEDER DA BIN Choreografie, Text, Performance: Angela Schubot, Martin Clausen Formelwesen: Milan Vogel, Nikolas tillmann, Nicolas de Leval Jezierski, Hannes Huefken, Ketan Bhatti Licht: Benjamin Schaelike Kostuem: Anna-Lisa Kentner, Malena Modèer Foto: Angela Schubot, Martin Clausen Abdruck oder Veroeffentlichung nur mit Namensnennung und Honorar. Belegexemplar ist erwuenscht. Alle Bildrechte bei Gerhard F. Ludwig. Postbank Berlin, KontoNr. 44 92 76 - 105, BLZ: 100 100 10. IBAN: DE23 1001 0010 0449 2761 05. BIC: PBNKDEFF. SteuerNr. 14/426/6010, Finanzamt Kreuzberg. Gerhard F. Ludwig Yorckstr. 74 D-10965 Berlin Fon: ++49.30.789 92 457 Email:

As a hybrid of man, woman and animal, the two performers Angela Schubot and Martin Clausen of the Berlin artist group “Two Fish” roll over the otherwise empty stage in their play “Save me a seat until I return a different person”

Dressed only with body hair, the two of them weigh their naked bodies in the rhythm of their own, sometimes bombastic, poetic and philosophical texts. Intertwined with the most unusual poses, they run ecstatically and as if from senses to an associative linguistic gesture through a sympathetic and highly peculiar performance, in which bodily and linguistic processes are completely separated from each other and in a new way connect absurdly and often comically.