To kick off and as a quickstart of the accompanying program, we playfully test the aspirations, ambition and self-assessment of all participants.

at 3pm


attac Mainz (AG Globalization and Ecology)
The big acceleration
Can we be responsible for an economic system that relies on ever-increasing production and rising consumption? A lecture on the relationship between
Economic growth and excessive consumption of natural resources.

Jon Leefmann (Philosophisches Seminar Uni Mainz)
Cognitive neuro-enhancement – desire. Reality or ethical problem?
Cognitive neuro-enhancement is the enhancement of the brain’s performance with the help of pharmacological substances.
The lecture deals with the ethical issues arising in connection with this method.

Dr. Frank Brosow (Philosophical Seminar Mainz)
Optimum and maximum – why “more” is not always “better”
“What could be ‘better’ than as much as possible of something good?”
Wherever a value is associated with a numerical value, we tend to assume that increasing the numeric value also implies an increase in value. This talk is about philosophically questioning this obvious way of thinking.


Discussion round with all involved speakers and artists

late night:

At the end of the evening we show thematically fitting films.

Other dates:

14.11.2015 at 8 pm

15.11.2015 at 8 pm