5- 8 pm / 9 pm- 1 am
“Boy Scout” interactive installation
Interactive course by Schmitt & Schulz. The visitors move through a discovery space where one can experience something unusual. A performative sensory path.

5- 8 pm / 9 pm- 1 am
“Space Odyssey” – video installation
Video installation by Lina Hermsdorf and Melchior B. Tacet (theater scholar Gießen). In a square of video projections, viewers embark on a virtual city trip. A game of movement and speed as essential elements of urban experience.

10-11 pm
“Legends” – live radio play
The Ensemble Kolportage.com of the Mainz author Hergen Schulz stages radio plays live in front of an audience. In front of the spectator, the speakers transform themselves into their characters and tell some of the most unusual stories, sometimes with live sounds and sounds. a grotesque-comic monster story – wild, bloody, romantic and full of deep black humor.