I am Beautiful

I am Beautiful

Object installation by Marie Brenneis

Who decides what is beautiful?┬á Why is something perceived as beautiful? How do ideals of beauty develop? Marie Brennei’s inflatable sculptures invite us to question and reflect on conventional and established notions of beauty. On view during OUT OF SPACE is the pink sculpture Iam Beautiful. Iam Beautiful is 1.7 m tall, 2 m wide and 0.6 m deep. It is made of weather-resistant material and is permanently supplied with air by a small fan. What do you think- am I beautiful?

Marie Brenneis has been visiting pad for many times with several different projects, first with her company Dollyolli in 2011,then in 2012 and 2013 and for the tenth anniversary of pad in 2017.

The installation object is visable in inflated state in the window of Walpodenakademie only at thefollowing times:

01.09. | 4-7 pm | 02.09. | 3-5 pm | 03.09. | 1-6 pm |

Walpodenakademie | Neubrunnenstra├če 8A