I-Lab – interactive performance



An Identity Labyrinth of Cyber Space and Virtual Reality Generation.

What am I? Who am I? Am I the person others see in me or am I what others should see in me? Do I not change my ego every day, in every situation and with every other person over and over again? How many identities do we have?

In the age of virtual reality generation, 3D chat forums and mobile media simulate and project always perfect reality, the possibilities of constructing arbitrary identities multiply. Mobile and virtual selves outstrip the physically present and seemingly constant and authentic ego. Is it still there, the one true identity? Do we still need them? And if yes, which one is authentic? Or is the self the biggest puzzle?

I-Lab is an intelligent and exciting game about the question of human identity in the virtual age. In an externally visible and accessible mirror labyrinth, the performers each play for three hours with the various facets, nuances and mutations of their ego. They are discovering hidden or banished traits and build the most absurd identities out of them. Stories emerge, crazy worlds and situations no writer could ever have imagined.

The audience observes the processes in the labyrinth as long as they want. Come and go, whenever you want! You can manipulate the performance of the actors, and even include personal elements in the event on request. I-Lab is born and evolves every night – Take your chance and let the dolls dance to your liking! If you want to track the constant daily change of I-Lab or who has packed the I-Lab addiction, you can get unlimited access to all performances with the “entry flat rate”!
Article AZ: www.allgemeine-zeitung.de

Trailer: www.youtube.com

Sa 13.11. + So 14.11.
Wed 17.11.+ Thursday 18.11.
So 21.11.+ Mo 22.11.
Fr 26.11.+ Sa 27.11.
Each 7 pm til 10 pm

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A production of the performance art depot with the support of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate.