Mila Burghardt Perfect Body Assessment

Finally the perfect body: in minutes, painless and without any training. Swap your problem areas for 100% sensitive body parts made from synthetic meat. With Perfect Body Assessment, an automated order process has been developed that evaluates immediate reactions via biosensors during the preview of the product range.
Robert Chudalla and Cyrus Mobasheri signs of life

Baroque Memento Mori and current human-machine topic? Robert Chudalla and Cyrus Mobasheri combine these two poles in their interactive video installation. The image of a webcam, influenced by each visitor, is sent with Skype around the world, projected and resumed by the same camera. Through video feedback, a delayed image created by the viewer himself is created in the image in the image in the image.
Jan M. Sieber and Ralph Kistler Monkey Business

The electric plush monkey greets the visitor in a friendly way and immediately begins to show its movements. The monkey likes to be animated to elegant gestures. Or is he the one who gradually makes his opponent a monkey? Who actually imitates whom?

A clever and enigmatic but also animal funny, award-winning, technical gimmick!