Körperschrott 2.0


In November 2014, Marco Jodes presented his performance “Super-hum-an” on our foyer stage at the beginning of the pad theme week Mensch plus Technik.
As a follow-up thematic development, he now presents his solo “Körperschrott 2.0” on a big stage, which the Mainz-based dancer and choreographer worked out for the dance weekend in the pad.
“Körperschott 2.0” is an inventory of the topic “People inside the Net” in 2015. Marco Jodes examines our media needs and ways of playing, as well as the effects of our virtual activities.
How do you experience the binding nature of interpersonal relationships today? What becomes of the need for physical presence of other people in times of modern means of communication?
Is man trapped inside the net? Or is the world expanding for a unique scope?
A turbulent dance through a landscape of personal experiences and interpersonal issues.