You, giant thing wrapped around the face of humanity. You utterly vile, you strangolatorium, garrotte, you Dracula, Hidra de Lerna!  Do you have more than one head? Lungs, mouth, a name?

Two women turn the stage into an imaginary battlefield for an absurd fight: Vehement and desperate they fight against an invisible enemy – sometimes strategically planning, then again headless, screaming and thrashing around. Are they both crazy? Or does this enemy really exist?

Already at the festival in 2017 Anthi Kougia (Athens) and Mafalda Miranda Jacinto (Lissabon) proved with Asparagus, which was a ludicrous “Dinner for Two”, their special sense for absurd sceneries.
In MOSQUITO, they try with remarkable perseverance to identify and face an imaginary enemy, through abstruse becoming experimental arrangements.
With anarchical delight the duo plays through all possibilities of childlike destruction and power phantasies but always returns to serious philosophical reflections on the helplessness of individuals in a society of change.

Did Jacinto and Kougia here maybe discover the non-visible, evil essence in our western society? If so, how can the individual – being unarmed, clumsy and full of doubts – oppose that unreachable power?

(in Engl. language)

Comment of the festival team:
Masters of the balancing act between irony and dramatic pathos as furies in an absurd battle of questionable social senses of ethics.

CreationAnthi Kougia, Mafalda Miranda Jacinto
Stage performersAnthi Kougia, Mafalda Miranda Jacinto
LightingZeca Iglésias

Thanks to:  Atelier Re.Al, Clarissa Rêgo, Eira , Forum Dança, Helena Serra, João Estevens, João Fiadeiro, Patrícia Portela, Prado, ZdB Negócio.

Friday 27th + Sunday 29th of April, 8 pm

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9:30 pm: artist talk with Anthi Kougia and Mafalda Miranda Jacinto