“Mute Codes”



Performer trio Dollyolli from London will perform unusual and bizarre dance performances during several evenings of the festival featuring “Pop”, “Mutes-Codes” and “Anarchy”, flashing like flashlights through the spaces of the pad.
Dollyolli was founded in 2009 by choreographer, director and dramaturge Marie Brenneis, and has since performed with their crazy dance attacks in various places and opportunities in London.
Dollyolli play with well-known images of popular culture and ideas about art and society, which they serve but at the same time break and parody. From the simplest movements, which seem more like everyday gestures or desperate nonverbal attempts at communication, they create grotesque and lunatic forms of movement through merciless exaggeration, repetition and simplification – stuck in curious costumes. Wandering around in outer space, now on the pad stage, these “otherworldly creatures” show people what contemporary dance might look like in the 23rd century.

Additional events:

06.05.2011 at 8pm