My Reputation is your Guarantee

Cat and bird – the crowd-pleasers of the International Performance Festival in 2017-  are back! The German-Chilean performance-group El Cuco Projekt fascinates in its new production My reputation is your guarantee with its surreal aesthetics and the fascinating authenticity of their oversized animal-heads.


Again, the performers Sonia Franken and Gonzalo Barahona transform with the aid of their masks into hybrid-creatures which inhabit a world somewhere between wilderness and conservative living room. Among extraordinary video projections the human bodies move in feral contortions, sometimes cute othertimes threatening, through a stylised setting. In the area of tension between sound and scenery the abstract storyline oscillates between banality and drama. It’s not a linear story that’s being told. Instead through continuous twisting and turning a paradox loop emerges which captures the audience like a hypnotic spiral.

Comment of the festival team:
A morbid baroque-tragedy – mysterious and disturbing, but incredibly beautiful and fascinating at the same time!

Creation, Choreography, masks and stage designSonia Franken, Gonzalo Barahona
Stage performersSonia Franken, Gonzalo Barahona
CompositionJavier Barahona Uribe
Dramaturgy / Outside EyeCarla Jordão
SingingAnna Franken
LightingGarlef Keßler
Public relationsSabina Stücker
MusicThe Cold Song from the English baroque opera “king Arthur” of Henry Purcell
ProductionSonia Franken & Gonzalo Barahona
CoproductionBarnes Crossing e.V.

Thanks to: Valerij Lisac, Lena Thelen, Marko Kienitz, Julia Franken, Julia Riera, Barbara Fuchs, Familie Franken, Paulina Uribe, Ludger und Carlitos

Supported by: Kulturamt Stadt Köln, Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes NRW, NRW Landesbüro Freie Darstellende Künste

Thursday 3rd + Saturday 5th May, 8 pm

Tickets and prices

9:30 pm:  artist talk with El Cuco Projekt

After that we will Celebrate the final of the festival !