One single breath

@Petru Cojocaru

One single breath

by Marco Chenevier

Production: Cie Les 3 Plumes with the support of the Regione Autonoma Valle d’Aosta

Dancers: Alessia Pinto and Océane Delbrel (Improvisation and unconventional spaces, workshop and dance performance)

The Covid pandemic forced us into isolation for many months. Now the urgency, need and desire to meet again are strong. One single breath works on listening and coming together. Sensitivity and the nuances of being together are the focus of this workshop followed by a show. Conventional performance venues will be abandoned and the performance will be moved into the public/urban space. As a reaction to various digitalization processes in artistic practices, this workshop is also about the rediscovery of simplicity, about body-per and space, about the essence of performance and the regaining of autonomy and freedom – the emancipation from technical and other aids.

The workshop is methodically based on an improvisation concept that is suitable for anyone interested in learning strategies for creating movement and sound, regardless of age, physical constitution and previous knowledge. The time frame is two days. The results of the work process will also be shown by two professional dancers during the festival. The participation of the workshop participants in the performances is voluntary.

In 2019 Marco Chenevier convinced our audience with his performance Quintetto that he showed at the International Performance Festival in pad. We are excited to see what the dancers of his company will develop with the workshop participants!

30.08. + 31.08. | each 17-21 h | Walpodenakademie | Neubrunnenstraße 8A | pre-registration by e-mail required |

watch performance only:

01.09. + 03.09. | each 18-20 h | Outdoor Neubrunnenstraße/Neubrunnenplatz | the exact location will be announced here at the end of the workshop.


@Petru Cojocaru

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