peeping pad…or “instead of science”


For the Museum Night, Schmitt & Schulz in collaboration with various guest artists, spend eight hours playing the entire performance art depot and shamelessly vying for the attention of the museum night audience.
Sometimes on the big stage, sometimes on the mini-stage in the foyer, sometimes inside the adjoining room or in all places at the same time, the audience can watch the performers, as they present the entire spectrum of performance art -, the improvisation is pulling all registers. The mission is to show Mainz what performance art really is.
The red thread of the evening is the ever-recurring parodies of documentation formats of modern entertainment media – from the “Sendung mit der Maus”(a show for children) to “Abendteuer Forschung” (german science show).

Whether three minutes, half an hour or the full eight hours – each visitor determines the length of their stay.
During the breaks, the band plays argue about a second our foyer lounge.

guest artists:

Ute Faust
Konny Pielmeier
Heike Preis
Sabine Seelig