For the third time London-based stage designer and trained zoologist Mamoru Iriguchi from Japan fascinates the Mainz audience with his surreal cartoon-like and extremely charming video animations, always tragic romances and classical music motifs. Including the typical themes for Iriguchi, absurd pregnancies and gender confusions make a congenial connection, which also challenges the diaphragm of the common unsuspecting spectator.
This time, Iriguchi takes on Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake and presents together with the performer Selina Papoutseli an extraordinary duo dance piece about two characters called Projector and Conjector. In an artistic-like balance act, the two performers “dance” with their beamer and flatscreen on their heads a kind of medial Swan Lake choreography in the Space Opera robe.

Their movements initially arise purely functional for the purpose of projection. Without really dancing the two move cautiously and gently like two astronauts in the weightlessness and develop as casually a kind of choreographic parody of classical pas des deux, when in the course of the performance the absurd video animations by projection from head to screen and flatscreen unfold.