Raman Zaya: “Sleepers”



Sleepers is a dance performance about sleep, about dreams and nightmares and about the sleeper. As we sleep, we can be heroes in our own script, we can fly, talk to ghosts and ancestors, and experience things that add a different dimension, a different color, to everyday life. But sleep also means giving up control of the body and what is happening in our immediate vicinity. Sleep is more powerful than we are. It can come to us in every situation, in the theater, on the train or at work. He makes us vulnerable. The threat posed by the political “sleeper” illustrates the fear of being at the mercy of being unable to resist the unknown threat. Fear of the unknown, which we can control just as little as the sleep that haunts us again and again. The dancer Nina Vallon and the dancer Gonçalo Cruzinha make the stage to a sleeping space, conquer their own and strange dreamscapes and discover as “dream dancers” the stage as a place of dreamlike reflected reality. But how much dream and how much reality does the stage stand for? As in a dream, realities from our everyday lives are reproduced on stage.. The stage becomes a dream center, becomes the place of the imagination, a world of the possible, of fearless action and the longings: A place of refuge?
Today, technology and science are trying harder than ever to unravel the secrets of this hideaway: good sleep without sleep disorders promises more power and more control over the here and now through maximized regeneration. Sleepers is therefore also a project on sleep laboratories, sleep management, sleep IQ examinations and other attempts to scientifically conquer and rationalize the world of sleep.

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