Self Portrait



„Can you please tell me your name? What‘s your nationality? Are you sexually active? How many times a week? Is there any disease in your family? Please answer the question!“

Over the years, the Portuguese artist Ana Mendes collected her personal information from all the questionnaires she had ever completed.
Question-and-answer marathon about identity and self-expression in times when our personal data are traded, stolen, copied and abused as sanctuaries worthy of protection.
While a booming, deep voice from the off of the actress who appears helpless and naïve on an empty stage elicits more and more intimate data under pressure of time, questions like: What remains of a human being when all data and facts have been subtracted completely are? What does man mean when you know all about him? What is private and who cares?
A criticism of the current data hysteria? An ironic and absurd power game that exposes the insignificance of data?
Ana Mendes presents a solo psycho terror that is funny, exciting and shocking at the same time.

In English Language with English subtitles