How can we play nicely when some of us have louder voices than others? In a surreal arena created with lights, sound and movement,
two women trapped in a non-verbal world fight over a microphone through a series of games based on child play that end up taking a dangerous turn.
Inspired by silent movies and clowning double-acts, Sensored is a rule based performance that builds its logic in full view of the
audience using a language of gestures derived from political speeches and exploring themes of power, control, oppression and voicelessness. With sophisticated use of simple mechanisms of lights and sound, a sharp sense of humour and poetic heroism, this movement- based and highly visual piece is a metaphor of a competitive and cruel society, where being seen and heard is all that matters.

                Our comment:
SENSORED is a performance like a fable, a morality game reminiscent of the hare and the hedgehog
… cunning and funny at the same time!

Artist talk at 10:15 pm

Concept and Artistic Direction: Thais Mennsitieri, Noora Baker
Actors: Thais Mennsitieri, Noora Baker
Light Design: Thais Mennsitieri, Noora Baker
Lighting Operation: Dafne Louzioti
Production: CACTUS performance. art. collective.

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