Site Specific Performance (ohne Titel)

The performance artist Gustavo Solar shapes nonverbal, scenic pictures in public spaces in an intuitive and associative way. He tends to put himself and his body in relation to a societal context and urban atmosphere. His performances are site specific, which means that they are designed especially for the places they are shown. Based on the dispute with his own identity, he questions common models of identity and behaviour. Gustavo Solar mostly works with materials and elements that he finds in the environment of the performance space. By deconstructing the symbolism of those materials, he creates his own mythologies. Potentual meanings are developed only through a free association by the spectators. Solars performative pictures are erotic and poetic in their expression. They are like utopic landscapes – places, which are robbed of their original meaning by the alienated use of the body and are transformed into islands of the foreign or of other realities. Last but not least Gustavo Solars performances are simply nice to look at. His relaxed and sensual handling of material, body and space leaves long lasting impressions in our minds. The Argentinian artist will create a performance evening especially for the International Dance and Performance Festival. Starting at the pad, the performer will guide the spectators to public places in and around the downtown of mayence.

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artist talk with Gustavo Solar