The continuation of sweat and orange



Last year, Costas Kekis and Eve Chariatte from the Vienna artist group “Trigger Track” Collective thrilled the Mainz audience with their dance performances, which they presented as part of the International Performance Festival and the theme week “Alles sexy oder was?”.
For the dance weekend we have now invited two other members of this collective, Mirja Brunberg and Anna Jarrige, with their dance performance “The continuation of sweat and orange”. The two dancers combine elements of such diverse art forms as opera, performance and contemporary dance to a tour de force through states of hysteria, exhaustion, over-stimulation and tense expectation. Screaming and panting, the two actresses sing and dance with irony through blueprints of today’s diverse female images, driven by the desperate desire to get out, to be independent.
Wonderfully cheeky and charming at the same time!