The Very Important Child

You are a child. Trapped inside an adult’s body. You learnt to mistrust when you were 9 months old, and you have been engaged in a battle with the outside world ever since. Ever wondered how you got this way? Why you shout at the other cars? Why you become a toddler when you’re hungry? Why did the starry-eyed teenager you were turn into a kind, hardened adult?

Daring and relaxed, Christopher Preece and Virginia Scudeletti use Jane Loevinger’s theory of ego development to approach those questions and develop an upbeat performance-duet out of it. What starts as a harmless, informative lecture quickly becomes an absurd competence-tussle of both performers. In doing so The Mostly Everything People pull the leg of smart psychological concepts and get tangled up in their self-staged mind games in an extremely humorous way. Through that, one question arises: In which development-stage are the performers situated, and in which the audience?

With a well-made mixture of music, dance and acting, the British-Italian performer-duo takes the audience with The Very Important Child into a colorful, moving and adversarial world full of triumphs and failures.

(In Eng. language)

Comment of the festival team:
A rapid journey through the human psyche – energy-packed, dynamic and chaotic. In this enchanting workshop-show grown up babies can still learn something.

CreationJennifer Fletcher, Virgina Scudeletti, Christopher Preece
Direction, ChoreographyJennifer Fletcher
Direction, CompositionChristopher Preece
PerformerVirginia Scudeletti , Christopher Preece
Design and LightingBen Pacey

Wednesday 2nd + Friday 4th May, 8 pm

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9:30 pm: artist talk with The Mostly Everything People