TIERE! eine theatrale Dokumentation (Animals! a theatrical documentation)

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Imagine all the animals we know from wildlife TV could simply tell us how they feel.
Wildlife documentaries include various forms of learning and education and are very popular with the whole family: Small pieces of natural science combined with stunning and supercute pictures and very dramatic and lofty music helped to create humanized protagonists in the thrilling story about their daily survival. In their play TIERE! both performing artists Saskia Rudat and Ivo Schneider adapted  the wildlife TV medium as theatrical documentary and therefore they slip into eight single-handedly produced full body costumes. At the same time they read a combination of real documentary and self-written texts, so the audience has to decide between serious information and true trash. The selection of animals – penguin, seal, flamingo, sea star – with their ironic and adorable behavior, quickly become a real crowd pleaser until they show us their grotesque and almost repellent side, which mirrors our transfigured relationship to nature and changes our imagination about the naturalness of these wildlife aninmals.

Comment of the festival team: A barefaced, funny and for the performing artists a rather sweaty journey through the breathtaking wonders of nature!

(in German language)

Text/conzeption/performance/setting: Saskia Rudat und Ivo Schneider aka. SÄCHSISCHE SCHWEIZ kollektiv

Attention please: We will start at 8pm with the opening of the festival by lord mayor Michael Ebling. The beginning of the performance therefore will be delayed a few minutes.

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