Ultra XYX updated



“The costume is queer. The scenery is selected. The lights are changing. The prop is elastic. The person is designed. The mood is huge. This work is ultramodern. That’s Eve. That’s Costas. ”

The two dancers Costas Kekis and Eve Chariatte show in their charming dance performance that a male-female dance duet does not necessarily have to end in a classic love story. In doing so, they embellish traditional gender roles by showing popular gender clich├ęs as well as stylistic elements of classical dance in a highly ironic way.
With their shrill dance performance, Trigger Track Collective provide a perspective on the new “ultramodern” form of the pas de deux in the third millennium.
Even those who have already seen the original, shorter version at this year’s International Performance Festival can look forward to the sexy update of this extended version!