Un solo ciego


A seemingly deserted space is slowly coming to life. The basis for LaCerda’s Un Solo Ciego is Belgian author Maurice Maeterlink’s play The Blind: A group of blind people is helplessly trapped right in the grip of dangerous forces of nature, awaiting their priest’s salvation – in vain. In that fluid state oscillating between life and death, in the moment of suffering and fear, they do not realize the death is already amongst them…
In their free choreographic adaption of this drama LaCerda focuses completely on portraying the gloomy mood of this scary situation. Instead of seeing blindness as a restriction the actors are using it as a chance to hide their personal identity. As anonymous figures they are transforming their bodies in various manners by using minimalistic gestures. This way they are creating a mystic atmosphere, grotesque pictures and the eerie foreboding of an undefined threat.

Artist talk at 10:00 pm

Director: Edward Tamayo
Assistant director: María Carbonell
Conception / Performance: Pilar Rodriguez Catón, Joan Aguilá, Tania Ávila, María Carbonell, Edward Tamayo
Sound: David Torres Tolosa
Costume design: Pilar Rodriguez Catón

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